We believe that our shared love of Africa and its people, coupled with our personal passions and professional strengths, allows us to collaborate to create unparalleled custom safari experiences. We ensure that every exquisite detail of your Homann’s Africa adventure is perfect, from the moment your feet touch the African soil until your last night under an African sky.


Home of the original safari, Kenya offers a rich tradition in African exploration and discovery. Experience private reserves in the highlands, elephants in the shadows of Kilimanjaro and the world-famous Masai Mara. Kenya is as much about her people as she is about her wildlife heritage.


The land of Kilimanjaro, The Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Zanzibar, Tanzania is a destination steeped in safari tradition.  From the animal rich parks in the North, the primates in the West, the Indian Ocean and its islands in the east and massive wilderness areas in the South, Tanzania offer something for everyone.


This small African country has a troubled past but is today quickly becoming one of Africa’s fastest developing countries. With Akagera National Park wildlife areas are starting to reach their full potential, Rwanda is one of the few remaining places in the world mountain gorillas call home. Even an hour spent in the company of these amazing animals is a rich and rewarding experience.


The final resting place of David Livingstone, arguably the 18th centuries’ most intrepid explorer. The tourism industry has grown in leaps and bounds in the last 10 years with many who come to experience the majesty of Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River. Well known for walking safaris, large remote National Parks and seasonal quality game viewing.


Mozambique has 1,600 miles of unspoiled Indian Ocean coastline dotted with remote fishing villages, unexplored beaches and pristine marine reserves.


The fabled land of King Solomon's Mines and the Monomotapa empire, Zimbabwe boasts a wonderful diversity of wildlife and wilderness areas.  The Zambezi River plunges over the Victoria Falls and travels down through Lake Kariba and into Mana Pools National Park, a world heritage site. In the West, the Kalahari sands of Hwange National Park host huge herds of elephant and buffalo and in the South, you’ll find the Lowveld of the Gona Re Zhou National Park.


Botswana is dry land, made famous by the deep sands of the Kalahari and the clean waters of the Okavango Delta. Southern Africa’s answer to the Serengeti, this wetland is a sight to behold. A wonderland of river channels and islands filled with giraffe, lions, elephants, and adventure.


Namibia sits in a very dry place on our planet. Explore ancient sand dunes and wilderness areas home to animals uniquely adapted to living in dry environments. This unique country is often best saved for your 2nd or 3rd visit to Africa.

South Africa

Explore the world-famous Kruger National Park and surrounding game reserves, Ocean beaches and hauntingly beautiful coastlines rich with marine life. Experience world-class wine estates and discover one of the world's most beautiful cities, Cape Town.
  • "Our overall experience was outstanding and each one of us hopes to travel with Homann Africa again. Absolutely everything was taken care of for us. From the moment we talked to Mark, the months leading up to our trip and throughout our trip."

    - Wendy Atkin and Family, IL

  • "The entire experience was truly life-changing, and we are forever grateful to the Homann’s for giving us such an extraordinary experience. It honestly is a journey that we look back on daily as one of the highlights of our lives."

    -Meilani and Ben Weiss, CA

  • "The most important element of a truly unforgettable African experience is not the camp, the food, the wildlife, the weather, but the guide. I'm not saying that all the other things aren't important but with the right guide, everything else inevitably falls into place."

    - The Fenton Schafer Family, NY

  • "Mark and Maria made certain that every single person had THE time of their lives. No detail, no need and no request was overlooked. There was nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile."

    -The Dowley Family, CT

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